Monday, May 14, 2012

Two on the raft

We are two shipwrecked souls
on a tiny raft afloat
the sky looms gloomily above
beneath us oceans gloat

I am a pessimist, and you
are the hope incarnate
you talk about the adventures
I ponder all ill fate

I fight the monsters from the deep
while you make jolly friends
with all the mermaids towing us
to earth's own hidden ends

I dread the sun and mend some shade
and rain craves your lips
you sing about the cheese on moon
when mighty gale us grips

I whisper about home and you
dream tiny coral isles
I wipe my tears of despair
you stole all worlds' smiles

I delve into thoughts and you get lost
in clouds up above
I tell you girl, can't live on without
this crazy raft called love.

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