Sunday, July 03, 2011


Would you ride my bicycle, Franzeska, to the hills of Moravia
where the poppies by the road stare at the sky
I will leave my name behind, you can leave yours too,
we will be just two nameless passers-by?

Have you ever seen a daisy, blooming all alone in the meadow,
watching clouds pass all day long?
Come, and ride with me, to the Moravian green
be my stifled and whisper-riddled song.

Wheels will keep rolling like a rusted clockwork
as the road to Moravia will writhe,
your neck, I know, will shudder and tremble, awaiting
my secrets to pour out and breathe.

Ride with me, Franzeska, before the day is over
Moravia might disappear tonight
The poppies by the road and the lonely daisy should
meet us before they meet twilight.


  1. শেষ চার লাইন ম্রাত্নক!

  2. রোকসানা রশীদ05 July, 2011

    এন্ড্রু মারভেলীয় অনুভূতি পাইলাম কিছুটা... he's one of my favorite poets....
    nice!! :)

  3. খুব সুন্দর!

  4. নতুন লেখা কই? নতুন লেখা চাই ...

  5. Then teardrops trickled down from her emerald eyes...


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